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Jackson Evans
Jackson Evans

My Strength Is Hardstyle

Strong lats and rear delts assist in maintaining a good posture while wearing a pack. Rows build the strength required to climb up a sharp incline, or to pull a rope, tree, rock etc. The row also teaches you how to brace and pull to assist a fellow hiker up and over difficult obstacles like ledges.

My Strength Is Hardstyle

Pesonally, I train strength once per week. During thing, I lift heavy and during the rest periods of intense exercise (such as deadlifts or hanging leg raises) I hangboard and stretch a la Logical Progression by Steve Bechtel.

Pavel Tsatsouline, is a former Soviet Special Forces physical training instructor, who helped Dragon Door Publications initiate the modern kettlebell movement. Pavel is regarded as one of the premier strength authorities in the world today, having created the first-ever kettlebell instructor certification system and being the author of the first-ever book on the subject of kettlebell training.

Since the golf swing is a repetitive and violent asymmetrical movement, Turkish Get-up exercise used by Jazz Sir in my sessions have greatly helped me in restoring left and right symmetry to the body. Turkish Get-up with Kettlebells has increased my stability, mobility, increased my grip strength, rotator cuff function and improved my hip hinge.

I highly recommend anyone whether be a Golfer, or an athlete from any other sports, and people in general looking to improve their mobility, strength, endurance, to get in touch with Strength Coach Jazz Gulati Sir who shall help them achieve their sporting performance and help them get stronger, more mobile and help perform their daily tasks with ease. He has a beautiful PT studio setup for face-to-face classes and also offers online classes on Zoom. 041b061a72


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