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Lil Peep - About U (Official Audio)

In addition to calling him "the future of emo", Pitchfork also posited that Lil Peep's willingness to be vulnerable was an antidote to the toxic attitude towards women, which in the past has been a core element of hip-hop culture and its rap-rock variant.[153] According to fellow GothBoiClique member, Fish Narc, Lil Peep explicitly rejected contemporary SoundCloud rapper XXXTentacion for his alleged history of violence against his ex-girlfriend, spending time and money removing XXXTentacion's songs from his Spotify playlists.[58] On the contrary, rapper Fat Nick, a mutual friend of Lil Peep and XXXTentacion, said on Twitter that right before Peep died, he and Peep had a conversation about XXXTentacion and had planned to meet up with him, and that XXXTentacion was "super happy about it".[59] Fat Nick also spoke about the matter on an Instagram livestream, where he dismissed the claims from Fish Narc and others about tension between XXXTentacion and Lil Peep, and confirmed that Lil Peep wanted to meet XXXTentacion once he was off tour. In the livestream, he also implied that members of GothBoiClique were responsible for Lil Peep's death, saying, "Some of y'all are siding with the people that took advantage of Peep. I don't get it... That's crazy. Y'all say shit about fucking X, but you're not saying shit about the people that killed [Lil Peep]... The people that gave him fentanyl. Y'all don't say shit to them."[154] After this, Fish Narc faced criticism for his initial statement condemning the song. Fish Narc responded on Twitter, "I feel that people think I am trying to insult X. But really I wish him rest. I protest a posthumous collab between unaffiliated artists", and clarified that he did not wish to attack XXXTentacion and that his comments were, "how I interpreted what Peep told me as a friend."[155][156] When the posthumous 2018 single, "Falling Down", uniting the two deceased rappers was created without Lil Peep's consent, some Lil Peep fans and some of Lil Peep's friends opposed the retroactive inclusion of XXXTentacion. Some surviving band members posted a story onto Instagram disavowing the collaboration and imploring others not to listen to it.[58] Following his death, Mic bemoaned: "Sadly, Peep had barely just begun bringing emo into the future with a message that many of his less woman-friendly influences, like Brand New, have failed to put forward." He continued saying, "For a 'crybaby' who left this world so young, Peep inspired a lot of people to keep going."[153] The day after hearing news of his death, rapper Lil B paid tribute through a tweet. He wrote, "I remember Lil peep telling me he is against the sexual abuse of women and people in the music industry ... I will continue to push his vision."[157]

Lil Peep - about u (Official Audio)

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