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Motordiag Komfort Manager Full 2.0l

Motordiag Komfort Manager Full 2.0l

Motordiag Komfort Manager Full 2.0l is a software program that allows users to access and modify the hidden features of their cars' comfort units. A comfort unit is a device that controls various functions such as windows, doors, alarm, remote control, etc. The program is compatible with most Volkswagen, Skoda, and Seat models that use the KWP2000 protocol for communication.

Features of Motordiag Komfort Manager Full 2.0l

The program offers a range of features that can enhance the convenience and security of the car. Some of the features are:

Download File:

  • Identification of the comfort unit and the door units

  • Activation and deactivation of remote control of windows

  • Activation and deactivation of alarm

  • Configuration of alarm options, such as type and sound of siren

  • Configuration of heated rearview mirrors

  • Configuration of locking and unlocking behavior of doors

  • Switching between left-hand and right-hand drive modes

  • Configuration of hood, trunk, or tailgate sensors

  • Increase of remote control range

Requirements for using Motordiag Komfort Manager Full 2.0l

To use the program, users need the following equipment:

  • A diagnostic cable Fast KKL USB or Fast K-COM KKL that can be purchased from the Motordiag website

  • A PC with Windows 95, 98, 2000, or XP operating system

Supported vehicles by Motordiag Komfort Manager Full 2.0l

The program supports almost all vehicles and comfort units that use the KWP2000 protocol. Some examples are:

VehicleComfort unit model

Skoda Octavia / Octavia Combi (from 05/2001)1C0 959 799

Skoda Superb1C0 959 799

VW Passat / Passat Variant (from 2001)1C0 959 799

VW Golf / Golf Variant (from 2001)1C0 959 799

VW Bora / Bora Variant (from 2001)1C0 959 799

VW New Beetle (from 2002)1C0 959 799

Seat Toledo (from 2001)1C0 959 799

Seat Leon (from 2001)1C0 959 799

Skoda Octavia (older version)1J0 959 799 S, AH, AJ, J or none

Skoda Fabia6N0 959 799 or none

VW Golf, Bora, Passat (older version)1J0 959 799 S, AH, AJ, J or none

VW Polo, Caddy6Q0 959 433 or none

Seat Ibiza, Cordoba, Inca6Q0 959 433 or none

How to get Motordiag Komfort Manager Full 2.0l?

The full version of the program will be available for download soon. Users can check the Motordiag website for updates and information on how to obtain the full version of the program. The full version will offer more exclusive features for professional use, such as activation and deactivation of alarm, configuration of siren, and remote control options.

Users can also download the Lite version 1.20 of the program for free from the Motordiag website. The Lite version is limited to vehicles with comfort units of the 3rd generation (1C0 959 799). The Lite version allows users to identify the comfort unit and the door units, activate and deactivate remote control of windows, and configure the blinking and sound signals when locking and unlocking the car. Users need to register the program for free to use all the functions available in the Lite version.


The program was not developed in cooperation with the manufacturer of the car, nor approved by them for use. The use of the program may cause damage to the car. Users are responsible for using the program at their own risk and agree that the producer of the program is not liable for any damage that may be caused by the program.

Source: [Motordiag]


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