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The Power and Promise of Beginners Meetings in A.A.

Back To Basics - The Alcoholics Anonymous Beginners Meetings "Here are the steps we took..."

If you are new to Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), you may have heard about beginners meetings and wondered what they are and how they can help you. Beginners meetings are special sessions designed for newcomers who want to learn more about A.A. and start their recovery journey. They are usually held before or after regular meetings, or as a separate series of meetings. In this article, we will explain what beginners meetings are, why they are important, how to find and attend them, how to get the most out of them, and how to continue your recovery journey after them.

Back To Basics - The Alcoholics Anonymous Beginners Meetings quot;Here are the steps we took... quo

What are beginners meetings and why are they important?

Beginners meetings are an opportunity for newcomers to A.A. to get acquainted with the program, the fellowship, and the steps. They are also a chance for old-timers to share their experience, strength, and hope with newcomers and welcome them into the A.A. family. Beginners meetings are important because they can help newcomers:

  • Identify as alcoholics and admit their powerlessness over alcohol

  • Understand the nature of alcoholism and its consequences

  • Learn about the A.A. program of recovery and how it works

  • Hear how other alcoholics have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body

  • Find hope, comfort, and support from fellow alcoholics who have been where they are

  • Develop a desire to stop drinking and start living a sober life

The purpose and benefits of beginners meetings

The main purpose of beginners meetings is to introduce newcomers to A.A. and help them take the first steps toward recovery. According to the A.A. pamphlet Suggestions for Leading Beginners Meetings, "By receiving and giving A.A. help, every one becomes a link in a chain around the world. All of us cling to others in the chain to keep it unbroken."

Some of the benefits of beginners meetings are:

  • They provide a safe and friendly environment for newcomers to ask questions, express doubts, share feelings, and seek guidance

  • They offer a simple and clear explanation of the A.A. program, its principles, its practices, and its promises

  • They emphasize the importance of staying away from one drink one day at a time