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Catholic Prayers For Buying A House

This kit is no longer available. Purchase the Sain Joseph Statue separately here: Saint Joseph the Worker Statue - 3/5-Inch - Single or Bulk Discount Catholic Products or Saint Joseph with Child Statue - 3.5-Inch - Single or Bulk Discount Catholic ProductsBless your home with this Saint Joseph Home Sale Kit. Containing a Saint Joseph Statue, a story card with instructions, and a special prayer card, you can help the sale or purchase of a home with catholic prayers to this saint. Known as the patron saint of families and homes, Saint Joseph has been known to aid in the sale and purchase of homes and the strengthening of families when catholic prayers are offered up to him.

catholic prayers for buying a house

The earliest accounts of this practice actually reference the statue being buried in order to get someone to sell the property to the one doing the burying. So, it may help with both buying and selling houses.

My wish to purchase a house can only be fulfilled by your will, my Lord and God. I earnestly desire your help and guidance during this entire process of buying a home. Please bless me with the wisdom to make the right decisions, the patience to wait for the perfect house for your plan for my life, and the strength of will to act when I need to.

Whether you are buying a new house or simply wanting your current house to be blessed, praying over your house can be a powerful way to protect your home. Praying over your home can stop the devil from having a foothold.

In Alsace, such blessings have origins in the Pestbriefe (pestilence letters) of the Middle Ages, sold at fairs to those wishing to protect themselves from disease, and the Feuerbriefe (fire letters) brought back by pilgrims from Cologne and containing intercessory prayers to the Three Kings (usually with the letters "CMB", for Caspar, Melchior, Balthasar, incorporated somewhere into the design) for God protecting their homes from fire and disaster. Other blessings, found in Alsace and brought to Pennsylvania, include blessings of the entranceway to a house, stable blessings invoking Saint Leonard or Saint Blasius, blessings against Feuer und Brand addressed to Saint Agatha, and even blessings for house pets addressed to Saint Florentius.[8]

Second, since it is the blessing or grace that cannot be bought or sold, if anything blessed is sold or is severely damaged, it is considered to have lost its blessing. Thus, when a home or a car is blessed, for example, once it is sold, it loses its blessing. In this light, it is not entirely accurate to say that the Church completely prohibits the selling of any blessed things, otherwise no Catholic with a blessed home could ever sell his or her house. However, certain types of blessed things have different restrictions to consider when it comes to buying and selling. 041b061a72


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