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Jackson Evans

NEW Basketball Shooting Simulator Script (INF M...

Released the only working script on the new roblox game Basketball Pro Simulator, it has so far, 3 functions, namely: Perfect Shot, Upgrade Speed and Upgrade Power. I think these three functions are enough to start, and in the future the author will add more functions or new scripts will come out. Basketball Pro Simulator was released a month ago and already has more than a million hits from players, and the game's online presence is quite high. In this game you need to hit the balls into the basketball backboard, for this you will get coins, you will improve your level and you will be able to hit further and for the coins buy skins, tracks and target effects for multipliers. Use the free script to make it easier.

NEW Basketball Shooting Simulator Script (INF M...

(As a note, we found it handy to build two Stage sets at the very beginning of the game. A lot of the very first scripts that you produce will use the Stage, so it's helpful to have a backup in case you need to practice Comedy on one of them while shooting an Action on the other.)

Your first Script Office will be where you task your scriptwriters to create their cinematic masterpieces. At the outset, you'll likely only have a pair of scriptwriters to work with, and you'll only be able to write one script at a time, but since writing a script takes less time than does rehearsing and shooting it, you shouldn't have any problems producing enough scripts to keep your stars and directors busy. Just be sure to create scripts in the same genres that your stars and directors have been practicing in to ensure that their ratings and reviews are as high as possible.

After a film has gone to the Production Office and is ready for release, you can drag it back to the PR office for another round of PR on it, or you can drag some of the stars involved in the production to the PR office and have them perform a press junket. The important thing to consider here is that you can have multiple PR Offices. You'll want at least a couple, and preferably three or four, to get as much PR as you possibly can on your biggest films. When you're done shooting a script, bring it to a PR Office, then set up junkets for a few of the biggest stars involved with the script in the other PR Offices. This will delay the release of your film for a couple of months, but the resulting boost in interest will let you spend more on marketing and increase the overall profit that the film will bring in. 041b061a72


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