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First Step

Have you recently had unprotected sex and are experiencing what you believe are symptoms of pregnancy? Get tested for free at our center to find out for sure. We can provide you with a lab-quality pregnancy test so you can get the answer you need before deciding on your next steps. Please contact us today to schedule your free pregnancy testing appointment.

First Step


The first step after testing positive for HIV is to see a health care provider, even if you do not feel sick. Prompt medical care and treatment with HIV medicines as soon as possible is the best way to stay healthy.

Good Time Credit Fix: A provision which will ensure that incarcerated individuals can earn the 54 days of good time credit per year that Congress intended, and not just the 47 days that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) currently allows. This retroactively applies to all prisoners who have earned credit for good behavior. It has been estimated by BOP and GAO that fixing this will lead to the release of roughly 4,000 prisoners and save $40 million in the first fiscal year.

FIRST STEP. The City of Valdosta designed the First Step Meeting to be your "first step" in establishing your business. Every Thursday morning on a weekly schedule in advance, potential developers are able to meet with representatives from City departments such as Engineering, Fire, Inspections, Landscape, Planning/Zoning, Public Works and Utilities. If you are interested in establishing a restaurant or mobile food service in Valdosta, the Lowndes County Health Department will also be in attendance to help better serve you. Individuals are encouraged to bring information that would help city staff better understand your proposed business, which may include site plans or just a general business idea. 041b061a72


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