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eBoostr 4.5 Pro: A Performance Boosting Software for Windows

Do you want to speed up your Windows PC without upgrading your hardware? Do you have an old computer that struggles to run modern applications? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in eBoostr 4.5 Pro, a software that claims to improve the performance of your Windows system by using flash memory and hard disk space as an extra layer of cache.

What is eBoostr 4.5 Pro?

eBoostr 4.5 Pro is a software that adds itself to the ever-growing list of performance boosting software that is available for Windows. It harks back to the days of Windows 95 and Windows 98 when memory management tools were all the rage. eBoostr 4.5 Pro works by using flash memory devices (such as USB drives, memory cards, or SSDs) or hard disk space as an additional cache for frequently used data and applications. This way, it reduces the access time and latency of your system, making it faster and more responsive.


How does eBoostr 4.5 Pro work?

eBoostr 4.5 Pro works by creating a cache file on your flash memory device or hard disk partition. You can choose the size of the cache file, up to 4 GB per device, and the number of devices you want to use, up to 4 devices per system. eBoostr 4.5 Pro then monitors your system activity and learns which files and applications are frequently used. It then copies them to the cache file, so that they can be accessed faster the next time you need them. eBoostr 4.5 Pro also supports prefetching, which means it can load files and applications into the cache before you actually use them, based on your usage patterns. eBoostr 4.5 Pro also has a smart cache management system, which means it can automatically delete unused or outdated data from the cache, freeing up space for new data.

What are the benefits of using eBoostr 4.5 Pro?

According to the developers of eBoostr 4.5 Pro, using this software can bring several benefits to your Windows system, such as:

  • Improving the startup time and responsiveness of your system

  • Reducing the load on your hard disk and extending its lifespan

  • Enhancing the performance of your applications and games

  • Increasing the battery life of your laptop or tablet